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Fee Schedule

Standard fees Schedule for e-Rocks Sellers as of 1st January 2015 - these fees apply to all listings offered on e-Rocks or via our outreaching Seller Apps/API connections where the transaction is branded by e-Rocks.com


All fees shown are net of Value Added Tax

Listing Fees

Auction Listing Fees charged ONLY if item does not sell – Auction Relists are free, and Listing Fee REFUNDED* if sold on relist.

Fixed Price Listing Period Fees charged in advance when from when item is listed - Period Fee is REFUNDED* if sold

Auction​​​ Listing Fees

Highest of Auction Start Price or Reserve Price Listing Fee
0-$9 $0.80
$10-$40 $1.60
$41-$180 $4.00
$181 or more $8.00

Fixed Price Listing Fees by Listing Duration

Price/Duration 3 mth 6 mth 12 mth
$1-$9 $0.40 $0.60 $0.80
$10-$40 $0.80 $1.20 $1.60
$41-$180 $1.60 $2.40 $4.00
$181 or more $2.00 $4.00 $8.00


Sales Commission - Based of Final Sales Value (FSV)

We have a simple 2 tier sales commission.

Selling Price (FSV) Listing Fee
0-$59 16% FSV
$60 and above $8 + 2.2% FSV


* note the Listing Fee refund will be the lowest of either the Listing Fee for that category or the applicable FSV fee, ie if the FSV due is less than the Listing Fee it is this that will be credited.

This would only factor where the listing and sale price is below $4.

Billing & Tax

EU/UK: Charges calculated in USD (viewable in your local currency) Invoiced in GBP* billed on 1st of Each Month

Tariffs Exclude VAT - VAT Rules Apply As Follows.


  • EU Sellers Registered for VAT – Invoices Exclude VAT
  • EU Sellers Not Registered for VAT – Invoices Will Include Additional VAT Set At Rate For Your Country of Residence.
  • Outside UK/EU Sellers Invoiced in GBP* and TAX FREE

*NOTE: We can only accept Seller Fees Payments in UKP - Exchange Rate is set on European Central Bank Rate on Invoice Date.