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Information About Copyright

Item, Mineral, Location & Other Data Seen on e-Rocks

The e-Rocks database in its entirety is covered by database copyright (European Union Directive 96/9/EC and similar laws in the US and worldwide).


The e-Rocks database as a whole is the copyright of e-Rocks; this contains elements that are not copyrighted or content created by contributors (which remains the copyright of the contributor).

Individual items of information (such as physical data for an item, or the name and location for a mineral or mine) are seen as facts rather than creation, so cannot be copyrighted. This means users are free to take individual pieces of information and use them in any way they wish.

Copyright of Images

Images, and other created content, remain the copyright of the uploader and all pages marked copyright for the avoidance of doubt.

Contributors may allow others to use their images on request. In all cases, e-Rocks is not involved with the copyright of these images and any such requests to use must go directly to the contributor.

Images uploaded by site members must observe the copyright status of the owner, ie if images are not your own you must have permission if this is required, or not upload at all if permission is not given. This is covered in our Terms & Conditions section 4.4.

For cross posting of adhoc images into our Locality, Mineral and Collector database we collect individual copyright permissions as the posting is created.

e-Rocks Restrictions of Use of Uploaded Content

We restrict ourselves from using your content for commercial purposes outside e-Rocks, without arranging clearance with the contributor.

Specifically e-Rocks cannot use your content (images) for books, CDs, or creating merchandise like T-Shirts etc without your permission.

e-Rocks needs to, therefore retains the right to re-use and repost user content within its own branded content pages and direct marketing systems.  

Can Content Be Downloaded For Commercial Or Personal use?

Other peoples' content on e-Rocks cannot be taken for personal or commercial use in the same way that e-Rocks is restricted.

(However users must also gain copyright holder permission for re-using their content within the site.)

Non copyright information in conjunction with your own content is available at anytime, there are also download options provided in your account administation, eg if you export your collection data, you can optional add elements like chemical formula for use elsewhere.

Where ownership of an item on our database is transferred between seller and buyer - copyright elements such as images are assigned to the buyer for display/personal use, this is revoked if the item is resold - the buyer must add their own copyright images.

Is The Database Backed Up?

e-Rocks runs on a combination of servers with mirrored disks and synchronous database backup.

What happens If My Account Is Closed?

If your e-Rocks subscription lapses or you close your account or your account is closed for any other reason.

1/ Your content will not be deleted, it will be available to if you re-subscribe to your original account.

2/ You will be able to download a copy of your content up to the time of account closure via your account administration screen.

3/ e-Rocks retains the right to continue displaying your content under your general user agreement within our Terms & Conditions, this is not reversable if you decide to leave e-Rocks permanently.

What happens If e-Rocks' Ownership Changes?

If ownership of e-Rocks is transferred as a going concern the source code will remain the property of e-Rocks Ltd, however will be available under licence if any party/parties wishing to use it.

The database copyright (and database content) will also be retained by the above, in order to transfer to a new owner. Copyright and availablity of users' data will remain with the user throughout.  

The same will follow if e-Rocks ceases to trade.

Any Questions?

Please email us with any questions, ommissions or feedback about this section